Premium Network Streaming TV Ads

Our TV commercials promote YOU
on the same networks as cable,
for a fraction of the cost.

We’re the ONLY Service That Offers All This…

 Production “Done For You” – We make 100% of your ads; Professional scripting, voiceover, video production, etc.

 Fast – Your new ads air on TV in 7 business days.

 Frequent – Thousands of daily spots aired on “CTV” (Connected devices like Smart TVs, Amazon Fire Sticks, Apple TV, Roku, etc.)

 Fatigue-Free – We’ll produce a NEW ad monthly to prevent “ad fatigue” (at no extra cost).

 Targeted – We geo-target your ads to any local or national zip codes.

 Guaranteed – Third party weekly reports will show your ad meets or exceeds our placement promise, or 100% of your money back. (We doubt you will be the first.)

You’re Just 3 Easy Steps

From Your Ads Running Right Before and/or After Major National Brand Ads…

  1. Take just 5 minutes to complete our simple ad input form.

  2. We make and place your ads.

  3. You answer the new customer phone calls.

NOTE: Like all new transformative ad technologies, prices will likely skyrocket soon once the “rest of the world” learns about this, so don’t delay…