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Live Town Hall via Zoom will start ON-TIME.

Town Hall Zoom Protocol:

The gentleman you are meeting over Zoom, Mr. O, is a billionaire recluse who focuses on keeping his anonymity.  He’s 81 years old, nearly blind (which he keeps his face close to his computer screen; half deaf (he has his computer speaker sound up very loud); has vertigo (sudden quick movements on the screen can cause him nausea).  Due to these factors, the following rules are asked to be followed during the Zoom video conference meeting:

  1. Position yourself for the call to be done on desktop or laptop computer with both a microphone and web camera…NOT ON A PHONE.
  2. Make sure the prominent light in the space you are in for the meeting is IN FRONT of you.  Mr. O needs to see your face clearly and if the prominent light is behind you then your face will be too dark to see.  If needed put a lamp nearby in front of you.
  3. Be logged into and ready for the meeting 5 MINUTES EARLY so we can start right on time.
  4. Set your camera picture position before the call and don’t change it unless asked by Mr. O.
  5. If you are asked to move your camera or adjust your seating position; let  Mr. O know you are going to move; pause for a couple a second until he says he is ready…then reposition camera/yourself and let him know you are done.
  6. When on the meeting, try not to do any sudden movements.  Quick movements can induce vertigo.
  7. When talking on the call, don’t “talk with your hands”.  It can induce vertigo.
  8. Do not type on the keyboard unless it is absolutely necessary and either mute yourself while typing or let Mr. O, you are about to type so he can turn down his volume.  The typing can sound like “machine gun fire” according to him and is very loud.
  9. If for any reason you need to stand up or move from your computer. Let us know so Mr. O can acknowledge it and it doesn’t surprise him.

This might seem like a lot but knowing the considerations of Mr. O’s condition, it really just comes down to being aware of what make it an easy & productive meeting for him & anyone else attending.  Everyone’s time is important, and Mr. O takes his available time very seriously.

If you don’t already have an account with Zoom, you can create a free account at   

After you set up the free account, the link we will use for the meeting is:

Zoom Link:

Meeting id: 408047219

Meeting Time: Wednesday 8PM EST / 5PM PST 

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