Complimentary Guest Appearance on SpeakerTalks Podcast with Steve Sapato

About the Host:

Steve Sapato experience for you

The one thing you can expect from Steve is comfort. He will make sure you enjoy your podcasting on your SpeakerTalks experience. His goal is to help you look as good as you have ever looked before, to give you ample time to promote your message whatever that might be along with your website and business.

Steve has been speaking for over 40 years to companies, organizations and associations. He never misses a beat in any situation that requires successful communication.

He has spoken to hundreds of corporations and thousands of people. He has had his own talk show in Sacramento California and knows what it takes to make a broadcast entertaining. That word, entertaining simply means it moves, flows and talks to the listeners. You will feel right at home working with Steve.

Steve founded Steve Sapato Seminars in 1988.

Taught college speech courses from 1990-1997 and helped hundreds of students overcome their fear of public speaking and even motivated a few to seek careers using their public speaking skills.

Steve founded SpeakerTalks the event to put people on the stage to get their message heard  and their professional speaker reel recorded in 2018 to help more people move forward in their careers by learning the power of public speaking.

Steve has been a favored speaker, a networking professional and a leader in personal growth and organization management and communication.

To request a complimentary guest appearance on SpeakerTalks please choose any time from the following his private calendar.