How We Got an 86.7% Webinar Attendance Rate

Date: Sep 29, 2021 3PM EST

It is no secret that the key to achieving high attendance rates for webinars comes down to the effectiveness of your pre- and post-webinar email campaign.

What typically gets overlooked are two essential metrics that are critical to the success of any webinar email marketing campaign. They are email deliverability and inbox placement speed.

Our focus on these two metrics resulted in an 86.7% attendance rate.

On average, half of all webinar marketing emails go to the promotional folder, spam, or are blocked. This is an email deliverability problem.

And the same percentage of these emails take minutes, hours, and in some cases days, to arrive in the recipient’s inbox…buried…never seen. This is an inbox placement speed problem.

Both will undermine the success of your event/webinar if not addressed.

What you will learn in this training:

How to solve the two most critical issues in email…resulting in all of your emails being delivered quickly to your event/webinar registrants’ primary inbox so they are seen, opened, read, and clicked.

After this training, you should see your attendance rate increase by a minimum of 20% without making any changes to your email copy, sales pages, or sales funnel.

This is a One Time Event…don’t miss it.

Date: Sep 29, 2021 3PM EST